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Hi, I'm Jared. I'm an easily excited server administrator and programmer that enjoys helping others. I'm from south Louisiana and have a very strong Cajun heritage. I have big plans for the future with major corporations. I strive to be the best that I can be while having fun. It's my motto--and I'm sticking to it.

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Jared Petry
[email protected]


University of Phoenix

Associates in Information Technology March 2016

Degree which specializes through the selection of College of Information Systems and Technology practical based academic certificates aligned to industry certifications in areas such as desktop support, network support, multimedia development, information security, database administration, web administration, programming and IT healthcare. Knowledge and skills in Information Technology professional competence and values, information utilization, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving are provided in the program.

Abbeville High School

High School Diploma May 2011


Synergy IT Group

IT Consultant January 2015 - Present

In this field, I provided support to company clients on IT decisions. I also performed installation of new workstations and servers for these clients. For troubleshooting purposes, I used remote assistance programs to provide remote support in order to expediate problem resolution. One last service I provided in this field was creating websites and scripts for clients and the Synergy IT itself. These websites and scripts can be found in my Works section.

Geek Squad

Advanced Repair Agent September 2013-January 2015

For this job, I performed hardware and software repairs on consumer's electronics. Since Geek Squad is based within Best Buy, I was the go to person to resolve advanced computer problems with devices ranging from laptops, to tables, to desktops. In addition, I assisted corporate technical support with diagnosing the store's network systems and installations (when neccessary). Aside from the technical aspect, I also assisted employees with sales transactions, met all of my sales and time expectations, and managed the service queue for the repair department.

Best Buy

Customer Service Agent/Brand Ambassador November 2012-September 2013

This job provided me with the essential customer service skills that I needed to be able to assist customers in an orderly and timely fashion. I was able to efficiently and consistently meet my customer service goals, which included satisifcation ratings. I was able to provide a consistent and friendly customer service experience.

American Eagle Outfitters

Sales Associate/Holiday Lead Cashier August 2011-January 2013

This was my first job ever. In this position, I was able to excel myself to a point I never realized I could reach. During the course of this job, I earned employee of the month five times in a row, was nominated for outstanding selling abilites several times, and recognized by my district manager for those nominations. During the holiday periods, I also assumed the role of holiday register lead to manage the registers during the busy time.


I specialize in several different programming lanauages for servers. Aside from that, I also have specialization in small business networking, wireless LAN networks, and computer hardware/software repair.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • jQuery

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